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Daily rent apartments Chernomorsk

59 EUR

1-maya-ul, 1-Г

2 rooms +38(067) 481-81...
25 EUR

Parusnaya-ul, 1в

1 rooms +38(067) 484-36... Updated 16.08.2018
30 EUR

Mira-ul, 35г

1 rooms +3809672564... Updated 12.08.2018
50 EUR

Parkovaya-ul, 4

2 rooms +3809341661... Updated 12.08.2018
30 EUR

Parusnaya-ul, 1

1 rooms +3809330230... Updated 12.08.2018
34 EUR

Parkovaya-ul, 26

2 rooms +3806342557... Updated 05.08.2018
34 EUR

1-maya-ul, 4

2 rooms +3806342557... Updated 05.08.2018
30 EUR


1 rooms +3806678301... Updated 19.07.2018
46 EUR

Staroe-bugovo-ul, ...

1 rooms +3809685232... Updated 16.07.2018
46 EUR

1-maya-ul, 6

2 rooms +3809685232... Updated 10.07.2018
32 EUR

1-maya-ul, 1-Г

1 rooms +38(067) 481-81... Updated 05.07.2018
36 EUR

1-maya-ul, 1-Г

1 rooms +38(067) 481-81... Updated 05.07.2018
30 EUR

Mira-pr, 29

1 rooms +3805018741...
50 EUR

Parkovaya-ul, 22А

1 rooms +3806770676...
46 EUR

1-maya-ul, 1Г

1 rooms +38(067) 481-81...

1-maya-ul, 8

1 rooms +3806741981...

We go to the sea: where to rent an apartment in Chernomorsk for a day?

None of us need to look for an excuse to go to the sea. Very often tourists want to stop not in the metropolis of the southern region, but in a small cozy city. It is for this reason that there are so many requests on the Internet such as "apartments for daily rent in Chernomorsk".

Of course, the guarantee of comfortable living is the choice of worthy apartments. After all, it's so nice after a day spent on the beach, to relax in a cozy apartment, to take a refreshing shower and feast on homemade food. So if you are interested in daily rent apartments in Chernomorsk without intermediaries, look for available options in advance.

Undoubtedly, the search engine will give you thousands of results on the query "apartments for daily rent in Chernomorsk", but not all sites trust. One of the online resources that you can really trust is the Oneday site. This resource specializes in renting inexpensive apartments for rent and has become a reliable assistant to thousands of travelers.

Rent an apartment in Chernomorsk without intermediaries: seven reasons to cooperate with

  • 1. High level of comfort. All the objects presented on the site are ideally suited to the needs of tourists.
  • 2. Housing is inexpensive. To rent apartments cheaply for a day, do not necessarily sacrifice the level of comfort. Rent an apartment in Chernomorsk for a day at affordable prices.
  • 3. Exclusive offers. In addition to standard apartments, unusual options are also possible.
  • 4. The presence in the apartments of everything necessary, ranging from household appliances to kitchen utensils.
  • 5. Rent from owners. Daily rent of an apartment in Chernomorsk without intermediaries is always an opportunity to save considerably on the payment of intermediary services.
  • 6. Transparent pricing policy. The price of the apartment does not include any additional commissions - only the price indicated on the site.
  • 7. Photos of objects. Having looked through the detailed descriptions accompanied by a photo, you easily will make a choice in favor of one of apartments of Chernomorsk.

Where is it worth to visit during a daily flight in Chernomorsk?

When the problem associated with the search query "apartments by the day Chernomorsk", is solved, it is worth considering how interesting to spend time in this seaside city.

Travelers should know that one of the biggest ports of Ukraine is in Chernomorsk. And although you can not go to the port territory, from a distance you can enjoy a beautiful view.

Also your attention is worthy of the beautiful embankment. By the way, if you manage to rent an apartment in Chernomorsk for a day near the sea, you will enjoy the intoxicating sea air and beautiful landscapes. Also a favorite sight of many tourists is a lighthouse located on the territory of the port.

Finally, to relax, it is also worth visiting the local clubs. For example, the center of local nightlife - the club "Metropolis", judging by the reviews, enjoys such glory that very often residents of other cities come to Chernomorsk for the sake of visiting this institution.

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